Product Development - From the Idea to the finished product 

From the idea to the finished product – we offer full service.

Are you looking for a manufacturer for your cosmetic product? We could be the right partner for you! We will assist you in the implementation of your products and offer full service, from the very first idea to the delivery of the finished product.

This is how an idea becomes your cosmetic product!



Let's start with the product idea.

We assist you in implementing your product. Our trained professionals will guide you through the elaboration to turn your idea into a fully developed product concept.



What is important to you?

The formulation for your product will be individually developed by our research & development experts corresponding to most recent requirements. We take your personal and current market parameters into account for highest quality standards, such as the use of certified organic raw materials, the absence of microplastics and much more. Each formula is individually tested and verified by independent testing institutes.



We know that the look is important!

In addition to performance, visual appearance also plays an important role. We support you during the process of finding the right product packaging and inform you about several options, such as the choice of materials, colours or the use of recycled materials.

Our graphic designers will also be happy to assist you with the product design.



We offer you a full service!

The production takes place in several steps. First, the formulation (bulk) is produced, followed by the filling into the selected container (packaging). Numerous quality controls are carried out during the entire process.



Safely to the destination!

As a full-service manufacturer, we provide third-party logistics solutions so that your goods arrive at their destination safely, professionally, and on time.