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With passion and strength for innovation Duesberg medical develops personal care & beauty products.

The well-being of consumers is close to our hearts, which is why we develop outstanding and customised product solutions that accompany you and your customers through everyday life.

Get to know an excerpt from our product portfolio and feel free to contact us for your individual product request!

Duesberg medical is an expert in manufacturing cosmetic products in various skin care categories.

For us, beauty is a holistic concept. We combine insights from nature and research to create perfect results. In order to do so, we rely on the competence and expertise of our long-standing employees. The results from research & development are constantly implemented with the help of the most modern technologies and production facilities. This is why our customers value us as a reliable partner.

We incorperate our long-term experience in the manufacture of skin care products into the development of the various product categories.

In addition to skin care products such as day or night creams, serums or masks, our range also includes cleansing products such as cleansers for face & body and exfoliants. For the production, we can draw on a wide range of natural raw materials as well as highly effective active ingredients.

Our products are made for the individual needs of different skin types and provide the care your customers need. By using our products, body care becomes an absolute pampering experience and offers unique moments of well-being.